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Don't feel alone: According to the National Sleep Foundation, many women have trouble sleeping due to period pains. But it's not just abdominal cramps that interfere with good rest: hormonal changes can in fact have a negative impact on nights. Journalist Danielle Sinay compiled in Teen Vogue a list of the best positions to sleep in when menstruating (attached cramps). Here they are.



This relieves tension and relaxes the abdominal muscles. Not only that: this position helps to contain nocturnal losses and, consequently, spills. Which ones to avoid if possible? The one face down. Pressure on the abdomen increases the flow.



Those who practice yoga already know what we are talking about. For those unfamiliar with this position, the advice is to curl up on your stomach while bringing your legs folded under your abdomen. In this way it will be possible to relax the lower back where menstrual pain often "accumulates".



A "non-position" (just lie on your stomach) which however allows you to do small massages on the abdomen before sleeping. The advice is to perform them with a "carrier" oil - such as almond oil - enriched with a few drops of lavender or cinnamon essential oil.




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