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"This is us"

Friends, Sagittarius, Italians, mothers. But above all… crepes.
Dedicated to life, to the indomitable fight against the effects of damp on hair, and to the desire to find a solution to almost everything.
From the most disparate attempts with products and treatments accumulated over the years, together with a little acne, imperfections and now even a few wrinkles, we have understood that a good habit can be better than anything.
This is how Golevy was born: from the desire to be the best version of ourselves. And to wake up with tidy hair and fresh, rested skin.

A good habit is important
as a good product

We started from the best of habits, sleeping, to create a beauty line that is as simple as it is unexpected. Two pillowcases - one dedicated to all skin and hair types, the other designed for those in need of a skin detox period -  with different characteristics but the same goal: to maximize the effectiveness of your skincare and your beauty routine.

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