Mask acne, or mask acne (some advice to combat it and love yourself a little)

You have certainly heard of 'maskne', that is a particular manifestation of the pathology of acne (because acne is a pathology and as such must be treated, always remember it) which remains mostly localized to the mandibular area, not surprisingly that on which we put the mask.


"We are obliged to wear the mask, so we must try to ensure that too many products are not applied underneath to avoid that sandwich effect that inevitably leads to inflammation", explained our trusted dermatologist Claudia Menicanti.


The problem is the so-called mechanical occlusion. “To demonstrate how mechanical occlusion, in fact, is one of the main causes of the disease, this pandemic has arrived that has imposed and rightly imposes the use of a mask. The point is that the skin needs to breathe: the hair follicle with the continuous occlusion determines the formation of plugs of substances that we produce, such as keratin and sebum, which then represent an inflammatory stimulus for all that is the development of acne. ”, Dr. Menicanti explained well.

In a nutshell, therefore: limiting the use of products on the face under the mask is a good starting point to prevent a situation that is not in itself optimal from worsening.



The same goes for make-up: “we should always try to use oil-free make-up, free from all those oily substances that can then form real plugs at the level of the follicular infundibulum”.

Always keep the skin clean, use ad hoc products recommended by the specialist, always avoiding do-it-yourself, avoid the sandwich effect by accumulating products that suffocate the skin, therefore, are the first tips to follow to treat the skin correctly when l 'acne (be it more hormonal or "induced" by bad habits or the use of a mask) shows up.



Even if, concludes the doctor, “on acne, no widespread studies have been done, so each therapy must be evaluated according to the patient. The Golevy pillowcase in cotton satin is certainly pioneering and valid. It has a good scientific rationale because it reaffirms very well the concept of the importance of what the micro environment is ".