The idea behind our business is not simply to change but to improve. To this end, we are equally committed to the details as we are to the main product.

Labels, ribbons, packaging and seams – everything was designed, researched and selected with the outmost care and attention.

Moreover, waste and scraps are reduced to the minimum since the commitment to our planet is a promise we made to ourselves in the first place.


This is the reason why we have chosen to donate 1% of our sales to Stopglobalwarming.eu, the European citizen initiative to fight climate change by cutting labour taxes and setting a price on CO2 emissions, which are responsible for global warming. This is a practical proposal: collecting 1 million EU citizen signatures by the 22nd of July would lead the European Commission to formally discuss an idea already championed by 27 Nobel Laureates, 5000 economists and 11,000 scientists, which entails introducing a minimum price on CO2 emissions in all member States to discourage the consumption of fossil fuels and promote energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources.

You can sign on stopglobalwarming.eu