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The idea is not just to change, but to improve. And to do this we dedicated ourselves to the product as well as to the details.
Labels, ribbons, packaging, stitching: everything has been thought out, studied and finally chosen with great care and great attention.
The wastemoreover, they are kept to a minimum because our commitment to the environment is a promise we made first of all to ourselves.  

That's why we decided to donate 1% of our sales to, the European Citizens' Initiative to fight climate change shifting taxes from labor to CO2 emissionsresponsible for the dramatic annual rise in global temperature. This is a concrete proposal: 1 million signatures from European citizens, by 22 July, would in fact oblige the European Commission to formally and institutionally discuss an idea already promoted by 27 Nobel Prize winners, 5,000 economists, 11,000 scientists: establish a common minimum price for emissions in all states, to discourage the consumption of fossil fuels and encourage energy saving and the use of renewable sources.

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