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Tusa pillowcase

€55,00 €44,00
Tusa pillowcase
Tusa pillowcase
Tusa pillowcase

Tusa pillowcase

100% Italian Mulberry Silk | 50x75cm

€55,00 €44,00
Tax included.

Our first pillowcase cream: maintains the natural hydration of skin and hair, helping to fight the signs of aging and frizz.

TUSA works in synergy with your skin & haircare routine, enhancing your beauty.

It's you, at your best.



Our pillowcases are deliberately and exclusively white. The reason? The colors may contain chemicals that would alter their skincare benefits.
Ours is a conscious and studied choice, so that Golevy pillowcase creams can really give you the best.


Golevy icon handwash
Dry cleaning is recommended but the pillowcase can be hand washed at a low temperature preferably with Marseille soap.
Golevy icon iron
Silk suffers from excessive heat, therefore it is advisable to reduce the power to a minimum and to always use a clean white cloth between the iron and the pillowcase.

Frequent questions

What are the shipping times?

Delivery is within 5 working days unless there are issues with the courier which we keep track of but cannot deal with. An exception is the BELLA TUSA pillowcase which, being personalized with hand embroidery, takes longer and is delivered within 15 working days. 

How can I contact you?

For any question, you can write to us at:

Can I make a return or exchange?

Due to the covid-19 rules and the nature of the product, therefore for hygiene and safety reasons, we do not carry out exchanges and/or returns.

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